Facilitated solutions to complex challenges

At Red Ball Solutions, we use our experience and education to provide systemic, sustainable solutions to resolve challenges & maximize opportunities.

  • Facilitation

    Solution-focused, leverages group dynamics, and based on systems understanding
  • Consultation

    Collaborative, forthright and evidence-based.
  • Conflict Resolution

    Seeks solution not blame, respects diversity and attends to the impact of systems on interpersonal relationships.
  • Investigations

    Factual, unbiased, and transparent.
  • Training

    Relevant, substantive and engaging.

    Red Ball Solutions has two principals, each with a different specialty. Depending on the project we work independently or collaboratively.

  • Cheryl Mitchell, PhD

    Cheryl’s focus is on system analysis, organizational development solutions, and facilitating innovation & multi-stakeholder collaborative processes.

  • Rick Mitchell

    Rick’s focus is on alternative dispute resolution between individuals and all aspects of internal investigations.