How We Work


chartWe recognize four iterative stages to providing an evidence-based, sustainable solution. Each stage involves discussion and debriefing in order to assess and adapt the solution accordingly in collaboration with clients.

  • Define the situation
    We ask the question “What is the problem we are trying to solve”. This question ensures we are focused on a sustainable solution specifically relevant to the situation and defined outcomes, rather than short-term symptom relief.
  • Discover relevant information
    We systematically analyze scientific, experiential and organizational evidence, and then compare this evidence against organizational and stakeholder interests as part of building an evidence-based solution.
  • Design the strategy
    We design the strategy based on the results of the systematic analysis, existing organizational strengths, and available resources.
  • Deliver the solution
    We evaluate the solution throughout the delivery process to ensure the solution addresses the issues, achieves the defined outcome, is based on accurate and relevant information, and is sustainable by the organization.